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[Discuss] Changing TXT editor (SIGH)   [Discuss]

By: Paul Laufer       
Date: Apr 28,2016 at 17:19
In Response to: [Discuss] Changing TXT editor (SIGH) (Art Kocsis)

I'm more of a DB Admin than programmer, though I write a lot of .SQL and need the syntax highlighting.

So far I've relied on Ztree's hex editor to take care of simple hex editing needs, though I must say that HxD appears interesting. I may give it a whack.

Dang, I hate changing editors. I mean I REALLY hate it! I'm already on my 3rd or 4th one since 1990! :)

25 years ago Aurora, Gedit & Qedit duked it out for a few years until I found TSEPro in about 1998. Then as I started running into line length limits in TSEPro I have gradually switched to Notepad++. Now as a DB admin I occasionally need to edit and find/replace data in files well over 4gig. I don't switch easy, and when I do I want to move to something that will carry me for a decade more more.

I've installed Ultra Edit demo and made it my (E)dit command in Ztree, taking away the long running TSEPro's spot, and leaving ALT-(E)dit still for Notepad++. (SIGH) it's a sad day to give up a beloved friend like TSEPro. Sammy, if you're reading this... well, I owe you!

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