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[Discuss] Changing TXT editor (SIGH)   [Discuss]

By: Frances Wohlfelder       
Date: Apr 29,2016 at 06:10
In Response to: [Discuss] Changing TXT editor (SIGH) (Paul Laufer)

> I've been a TSEPro text editor user for some 20 years, but because
> of its limitation on line length I've had to switch to Notepad++ lately.
> Then recently I had to edit a 2 GIG and a 8 GIG .SQL file and Notepad++
> was unable to open files that large. So I searched a little and found
> Ultra Edit. http://www.ultraedit.com The 30 day demo did the job and
> seemed to be quite feature rich, stable and well supported.
> I am not one to change text editors lightly, but I'm considering
> purchasing Ultra Edit. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Steer well clear of Ultra Edit - not because it's a bad editor (it's not) but because it works out extremely expensive over time as they have a track record of pumping out "major" new versions every year and each time there is an upgrade price!

IMHO, the best large file editors:
Freeware: Emacs or VIM depending on your religion
Shareware: 010 Editor http://www.sweetscape.com/010editor/

BTW, I'm a long time TSE Pro user myself!

-- Frances

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