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[Discuss] UltraEdit does large files well   [Discuss]

By: John Leslie       
Date: May 02,2016 at 05:24
In Response to: [Discuss] UltraEdit does large files well (Andreas Hagele)

> > I am not one to change text editors lightly, but I'm considering
> > purchasing Ultra Edit. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
> I've been using UltraEdit for a very long time (10 years plus). It's
> great for multi GB files. The best I've seen in fact.
> But the ongoing upgrade costs are not great. I stopped upgrading a few
> years ago and still happy with the version I got.
> It comes now multi-platform too, which can be handy.
> For really large files I suspect that UE is one of the fastest.
> For 'normal' sized files something like Notepad++ is perfectly fine.

I've always found Crisp great for huge files too, although I'm not sure what is the best metric to compare on. Also as you did I stopped at an older version as it had the functionality I wanted and wasn't fixing the one thing I wasn't happy with. Finally the author of Crisp is quite easy to get hold of if you don't like something.

I do have a question though, how does Ultraedit handle Tabs in column cut and paste? (In brief you have the option to convert tabs to an equivalent number of spaces, and to choose that number, but I'm asking about when you have "real" tabs.) Some people take a byte-orientated idea say a tab is a single character and get very annoyed at more visual interpretations. Personally I like a WYSIWYG approach and if I cut a column I want the editor to sort out the tabs for me, ideally by using spaces, so I don't get screwed if most of the whitespace is spaces but some lines have tabs and either nothing gets copied or (even less desirably) stuff to the left of the highlighted area is copied or cut.

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