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[Discuss] UltraEdit tabs   [Discuss]

By: Andreas Hagele     Auckland, NZ  
Date: May 02,2016 at 16:46
In Response to: [Discuss] UltraEdit does large files well (John Leslie)

> I do have a question though, how does Ultraedit handle Tabs in column
> cut and paste? (In brief you have the option to convert tabs to an
> equivalent number of spaces, and to choose that number, but I'm asking
> about when you have "real" tabs.) Some people take a byte-orientated
> idea say a tab is a single character and get very annoyed at more visual
> interpretations. Personally I like a WYSIWYG approach and if I cut a
> column I want the editor to sort out the tabs for me, ideally by using
> spaces, so I don't get screwed if most of the whitespace is spaces but
> some lines have tabs and either nothing gets copied or (even less
> desirably) stuff to the left of the highlighted area is copied or cut.

I'm not certain, but I think UE does it the lazy way (a tab is one char). However I always convert all tabs into spaces anyway and then the column cut works correctly.

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