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[Bug] Deleting Viewed File During Ctrl-View Sequence   [Bug]

By: VWheeler     Denver, Colorado, USA  
Date: May 13,2016 at 17:45


Platform: Windows 7 64-bit
Version: v2.4.145 (I don't know how to get v2.4.164, so I have not tried it in that version).

In getting to know ZTreeWin's features, I created 3 simple files in an empty directory, tagged all 3 of them, and then hit Ctrl-V(iew). The viewing went as expected and I could move to the [N]ext and [P]rev(ious) files as expected. However, there is a feature where you can hit the [DELETE] key during this viewing and it appears to be intended to delete the file viewed (based on the feature entry for Beta version v2.4.113: "Added - View/Ctrl-View - Del - Delete viewed file").

In case this is pertinent, the file names were:

hello2.txt, and

each with recognizable content so I knew which file was being viewed.

Regardless of what file was being viewed, when I hit the [DELETE] key, the confirmation prompt offered to delete whatever file was previously current before the Ctrl-View sequence began. This does not look like the intended behavior.

The attached screenshot is when I was testing with 2 files, the first file was current when Ctrl-View sequence bagain, and [DELETE] was hit while viewing the 2nd file.


Kind regards,

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