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[OT] Windows 10 tray icon symbology   [OT]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jun 03,2016 at 04:07
In Response to: [OT] Windows 10 tray icon symbology (Neil Clough)

> On a MS site it more clearly looks like a monitor with a network cable
> on the side.
> Though who knows what the significance of showing a cable and a monitor
> is ???

That's what it looks like to me, although at first glance it looks more like a USB plug. You can see the little retaining clip of an RJ45 plug.

I've always thought that people who insist on having a unique icon for everything are setting themselves an impossible task. It often results in icons that just make no sense, and aren't even memorable among dozens of similarly meaningless icons. Often it would be better to simply display the name of the icon. In this case a wider icon that just says "Network".

I've hated them since the first time I ever tried to write an instruction manual that involved them. We're condemned forever to paste little screenshots into our instruction manuals, and I fondly recall the old menu driven DOS programs where the instructions went something like "Type 1, then type 6, then type 2".

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