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[OT] Windows 10 tray icon symbology   [OT]

By: Darren       
Date: Jun 03,2016 at 05:50
In Response to: [OT] Windows 10 tray icon symbology (Darren)

Thanks guys. So the tiny lump is an RJ-45 connector on a cable, I can see that now. But the problem with the icon is that the line representing the network cable is visually confused with the line representing the left side of the monitor, so it makes no sense to overlap it like that.


Sticking with the "monitor == PC" theme, a better version might be more like this...


Or maybe this one, which matches how the network jack is actually labeled on my pc...


Or this one, which is kinda fun...


I still don't understand how the original icon passed user testing for ease of understanding.

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