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[Bug] F5 Fuzzy Filter in Dirmode   [Bug]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Jul 07,2016 at 10:03

Apparently the F5 "Fuzzy Filter" works the same in filemode and dirmode.

However, when working in dirmode, any directory name that includes a 'period', then acts as if everything following the period is an "extension", regardless of its length. (An 'extension' over 100 characters long is possible.)

For example, I was using this filter -- *[*.* -- to find all directory names containing a "[" character.

However, many directories containing a "[" were not displayed -- when the names contained a period that preceded the "[" -- until I added this second filter -- *.*[*

To solve this issue, in dirmode, this "second option" apparently should be *included* as part of the F5 Fuzzy Filter, so it would find both sets of results (the obvious result, plus the non-obvious result), in one step, like the following -- (separated by a comma):



An "apparently" related issue, in dirmode:

I was using this rename mask -- "["("|"]")" -- to rename year-dates enclosed in "brackets", for example to rename [2016] ...to (2016).

However, this rename mask seems to only work for directory names that have the year-date *before* a period in the directory name -- and this rename operation fails when the period comes first.


Can the rename mask be "upgraded" to work in dirmode -- for example, to rename [2016] ...to (2016) ...when it follows a period?


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