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[Discuss] Default Settings for Treespec and CollapseTree   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jul 20,2016 at 02:49

Hello again.
Two things are missing in the ZTree Automation Suite, i.e. for reliable macros:
a method to (re)set its state, not only to toggle it, for
- Treespec Edit Yes/No
- F5/F6 Collapse Second/First level in directory tree

For Treespec I'd suggest this:
Assuming that most ZTree users have Treespec Edit =No as preferred mode,
I'd suggest (ZEP):
On each launch of Treespec command, it comes up with Edit=No.
User can toggle as usual within Treespec. (Macro as well.)

For F5/F6 Collapse, I don't have a good idea yet.
Perhaps this: Introduce Shift-F6 to set Collapsed both Off.
Currently Shift-F5/F6 work identical to unshifted F5/F6,
but this is not specified in ZTW.HLP (not in Quick Command Table nor elsewhere).

What do others think?
Macro writers? Slobodan?
Does any Forummer use Treespec with Edit=Yes as his default?


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