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reset when leaving Treespec command   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jul 23,2016 at 05:48
In Response to: [Poll] other opinions? (Oliver Pretzel)

> Hartmut, can you point me to the place where you can set this option?

There is no config option. But see below

> As far as I was aware Treespec starts the first time with edit=No and
> this can be toggled with F5. The choice is sticky during the session, but
> resets when ZTree is closed.


> Is what you are asking for that the option resets when you exit Treespec
> so that the next time you open it it always starts with edit=No?

Yes, this is my ZEP.
Makes the Edit state predictable even in Macro.

We still have to agree above the initial state.
I'd suggest Edit=No, as it is when the ZTree session is started.


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