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resumee to Treespec Edit default   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jul 26,2016 at 02:59
In Response to: [Poll] other opinions? (Hartmut Schneider)

Thanks for your contributions.

Two of you, Antti and Art Kocsis, use Edit=yes as their favorite state.
So it gets no common agreement to make Edit=No as default.

Antti, you had this idea:
> Maybe it could be more user-friendly to reset the toggle
> only when Treespec happens to be invoked from a Macro,
> and possibly even restore it back when the Macro ends?

Nice idea on the first look, but I see two problems:
- Can Kim easily distinguish if Treespec is called from a Macro?
- And what about recording a Macro which involves Treespec?
In this case, ZTree would have to reset the toggle as well, so that the user has to
switch to Edit=yes while recording, in contraire to his habit using Treespec when outside a macro.

The only clean way out of these difficulties would be a Config Option.
It would be nice, but I'm not sure if it's worth Kim's effort.


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