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DirectoryWindow F5(F6) - Expand/Collapse predictable?   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jul 26,2016 at 03:37
In Response to: [Discuss] Default Settings for Treespec and CollapseTree (Peter Shute)

>> - F5/F6 Collapse Second/First level in directory tree
> Can you please explain what you mean here?

Suppose you have logged a whole branch.
You 'stand on it' in Tree window.
You use F5 to collapse the 2nd-level dirs and see them side-by-side.

But when you highlight one of these collapsed dirs and hit F5 to see _its subdirs side-by-side, ZTree _expands the whole current branch.
You have to hit F5 again to see its subdirs side-by-side.

The rule ZTree follows is simple:
- if collapsed, F5/F6 expand the whole branch
- if expanded, F5/F6 collapse the branch on 2nd/1st level.

Used interactively, you simply notice the F5 Expand action and hit F5 again.

But in a macro, you have NO chance to get F5/F6 to surely collapse.
It always depends on the collapse/expand state.

Can you get the point through this explanation?

I see two possible solutions, which I'll post later.


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