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[Wish] Tree navigation with arrow keys and CTL at same time   [Wish]

By: Paul Laufer       
Date: Aug 03,2016 at 15:50

Hi Kim:

When in the tree view and navigating up and down via the arrows, when the scrolling active (highlight) directory bar nears the top or bottom of the list it causes a bit of a slow down.

What happens is that I nearly invariably scroll down past the directory I'm actually looking for, and then need to scroll back up. This is because the scroll bar reaches the bottom of the list before the list itself scrolls up.

I think that the options at 2I and 2P seem to address some of this issue, but I have not had a good experience using them, and I would like to suggest the following behavior.

When scrolling down or up a tree view list, enable the CTL key to be pressed and activated DURING the time when a user is already scrolling. Right now you can press CTL (first) then up arrow or down arrow, and the scroll bar stays where it's at and the list scrolls up or down. But if you press CTL while you are already holding down the up or down arrow it interrupts the scrolling.

In addition, when the CTL-arrow key is pressed now, the directory tree moves up or down but the highlight bar also moves with it... meaning that I'm really just moving the tree itself and not actively scrolling during the CTL-Arrow usage.

What I'd like to see is that while I'm actively scrolling up or down, I can press the CTL key and the scroll bar freezes where it's at on the screen and the directory tree scrolls behind it. This way I'm still scrolling... just with the tree moving. (Much like what would happen when I reached the top or bottom of the list anyway)

This may also interact with the 4P tagging operation.

This way while I'm scrolling up or down a long directory tree I can simply hit CTL when I near the top or bottom and not have to stop.

Sorry for the "wordy" post. :)

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