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[Wish] few wishes about ztree   [Wish]

By: Ryan       
Date: Oct 02,2016 at 07:00

Hi, it has been a long time, i often visited the forum a lot of times. but i didn't participate in the forum, due to the thing that life got in the way.

can i ask my few wishes about ztree?

i can not afford to use the fore/back ground colors, these will only reduce the choices of the file colors. Is it possible to add the BAR and FRAME colors for the directories and files for the global function?

a possiblity to add the drive letter colors as below?

a possiblity to seperate the two spell searching for directories ? CO 6/7 - H's yes and no one.

AA = shift + 1 letter one, this is perfectly good for its function.
BB = shift + "string" one, but i need to apply it in 0.2 sec, i can't do that while keeping shift down and i have to change CO6/7-H. in other words, DOS's NCD.exe style.

AA + BB makes an unbeatable combination.
I can not get to the directory if it has too may "a" named directories in the way.
after appling BB, if i know where i am, i can instantly apply AA

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