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[OT] winkey + 1 "life at a glance" wants to be active, ztree sits in the back(OTher)   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Oct 05,2016 at 00:42


is it ok if i ask some windows related questions?
it is about the windows winkey behavior.
my "win + 1" key-combo has been bringing out the ztw to do a certain task. it has been nearly fine with XP.

but with the windows 10, it is impossible tame its winkey.
this winkey thing ("life at a glace" filled with ads and logos) wants to be the active window all the time, which makes the ztree to be the inactive window from all of various winkey + 1 letter key combination. this bahavior is unacceptible. now in order to make it work, i have to press the winkey for one second then apply "1" then hold it down for one second more, then I get the ztree to be active without the "life at a glance" bothering me.

is there a way to change "life at a glance" to be a winkey + winkey sticky combo key or something? Or disabling a SINGLE winkey is also fine to me.

i couldn't find disabling a SINGLE winkey in the intetnet.

last 10 years, i forgot many of ztree functions and windows SET IF FOR %% kind of things, if it doesn't waste your time, i hope to ask some of them later


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