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[OT] winkey + 1   [OT]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Oct 05,2016 at 18:18
In Response to: [OT] winkey + 1 "life at a glance" wants to be active, ztree sits in the back(OTher) (Ryan)

> is it ok if i ask some windows related questions?
> it is about the windows winkey behavior.
> my "win + 1" key-combo has been bringing out the ztw to do a certain
> task. it has been nearly fine with XP.

The default behaviour for Win+1 is to make active the first program pinned to the task bar. Maybe you could try pinning Ztree to the taskbar to get that shortcut working.

> but with the windows 10, it is impossible tame its winkey.
> this winkey thing ("life at a glace" filled with ads and logos) wants
> to be the active window all the time, which makes the ztree to be the

"Life at a glance" is part of the Windows 10 equivalent of the start menu, and pressing the Win key by itself is the equivalent of clicking on the start button.

I found that the Windows 10 start menu is very usable once you've cleared all that default junk out of the way. Resizing the giant icons so they're all the same size made it seem a lot less overbearing to me.

> inactive window from all of various winkey + 1 letter key combination.
> this bahavior is unacceptible. now in order to make it work, i have to
> press the winkey for one second then apply "1" then hold it down for
> one second more, then I get the ztree to be active without the "life at
> a glance" bothering me.
> is there a way to change "life at a glance" to be a winkey + winkey
> sticky combo key or something? Or disabling a SINGLE winkey is also fine
> to me.
> i couldn't find disabling a SINGLE winkey in the intetnet.

I wonder if trying to use this particular shortcut key is going to be tricky. It might be easier to do it as I described above.

> last 10 years, i forgot many of ztree functions and windows SET IF FOR
> %% kind of things, if it doesn't waste your time, i hope to ask some of
> them later

This is a good place to ask, but there is a huge amount of help on the web for that sort of thing.

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