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Is the archive solid?   [Q]

By: Oliver Pretzel       
Date: Nov 04,2016 at 13:16
In Response to: [Q] Un-Rarring slow under ztree (Andreas Hagele)

> I'm un-rarring a 2GB archive with about 12,000 files. It runs ok in
> speed for a while but then gets slower and slower. By the time I am half
> way through the archive it's about 1 file per second.
> un-rarring with GUI PowerArchiver goes several times (maybe 10) faster.
> Why is that the case? I'm using rar 5.0. When running it from command
> line it runs normal speed. Has it something to do with using a file list
> generated by ztree?

Is the archive solid?

I think ZTree generates a list of tagged files and passes the list to unrar.dll (there is no separate command to extract all files). If the archive is solid, then for each file in the list unrar has to scan the archive until it finds that file. That is the price paid for a more compact structure without an index.

PowerArchiver can extract all files by simply scanning the archive and extracting the files as it goes along. For a large solid archive that will be much faster. If the archive is not solid, ZTree may still be a bit slower than PowerArchiver, but with an index it shouldn't slow down for the later files.


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