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[Q] Un-Rarring slow under ztree   [Q]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Nov 26,2016 at 16:18
In Response to: [Q] Un-Rarring slow under ztree (Andreas Hagele)

> I'm un-rarring a 2GB archive with about 12,000 files. It runs ok in
> speed for a while but then gets slower and slower. By the time I am half
> way through the archive it's about 1 file per second.
> un-rarring with GUI PowerArchiver goes several times (maybe 10) faster.
> Why is that the case? I'm using rar 5.0. When running it from command
> line it runs normal speed. Has it something to do with using a file list
> generated by ztree?

I'm surprised that your archive is not solid but still suspect that the slowness is due to the extraction via the ZTree list.

However, I suggest you use the GUI version of 7ZIP. Not only will you avoid the degradation of the list mode but the GUI mode can handle many more types of archives. I set up an F9 menu entry so it is simply an "F9" and "O" vs an "ALT-F5".

F9 Menu title:
Open Archive with 7-Zip GUI:

F9 Menu code:
Rem ZTree F9 Script for opening archive with 7-Zip GUI
Start "" "D:\WinUtils\Disk\Archivers\7-Zip\7zFM.exe" %1
Rem #ZTExit

The GUI module is included in the 7ZIP distribution

Namaste', Art

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