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Stop using an obsolete OS   [OT]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Nov 26,2016 at 16:27
In Response to: i got the general idea about what mtp was. summaries of my understanding... (Ryan)

> >MTP drive
> now i got the general idea about what mtp was. the summaries of my
> understanding are below
> 1. XP doesnt support mtp naturally, xp needs whatever manufactuer's
> MTP drivers.
> 2. Win10 naturally supports the MTP things. it automatically recognizes
> the files in a mobile phone.
> 3. you still need some kind of software to get the drive letter from
> the MTP related things under Win10.
> 4. you wont get any drive letters from the MTP related things under XP,
> you are stuck with the windows explorer that shows the directories in
> mobile phones.
> I need some kind of a fix for 4. someday.

No, you need to stop using a operating system which is out of vendor support for over 2 years.

If you must use XP for whatever reason, please don't connect it to the internet.

For low end hardware, one of the Linux distributions will suit a lot of people, but won't run ZTree directly, ZTree does run in WINE.


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