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this is how i use my pc.   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Nov 26,2016 at 20:28
In Response to: Stop using an obsolete OS (Ben Kent)

>No, you need to stop using a operating system which is out of vendor support for over 2 years.

Microsoft never supported anything, the only support they did was the securities that seemed to make 100000.. 10000000 files all over C: and slowdown the pc. their supports mean nothing to me.

>If you must use XP for whatever reason, please don't connect it to the internet.
i only use win98 and XP to serve the internet only, once websites are proven, then i can use Win10 to use the proven websites.

i turned off or removed all firewalls and all securities and removed the virus checking software from XP and Win10.
virus checking software is in the 2nd XP.
once 1st XP uses the internet, 2nd XP deletes the 1st XP and puts back its backup in 3- 4 minutes (never failed in last 14 years, 1st XP installation is still being used today)

I can not afford to spend 6 months to reinstall and make settings 1000 softwares going from XP to Win10, due to registries. (but i did it from win98 to XP)

my Win10 pc has only youtube video's and video cutters and joiners. i refuse put any softwares in there that i have no control over.

I do "registry hack" to make my softwares drive letter, directory name, registry independant. so that I dont have to reinstall them in the future.

i tiptoed across the internet and any installations with win10, i have no heart for win10.

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