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[Wish] copying : bar, time and speed indicator possibility of reordering   [Wish]

By: Ryan       
Date: Dec 19,2016 at 05:57

a problem with the time and left is this thing can never be accurate. a bar indicator says 99% done but copying is still going to an indefinite time.

copying speed is more important in my view
if copying is 8MB/s, then i suspect the hard drive may be dying soon, or a cable is not well plugged in, so i must open the computer case and plug it better.

if copying speed is 20MB/s, then i may be copyig from the same HDD controller card or the same cable. so then i must stop and try differently.

if copying speed is 120MB/s, then i am copying between two different HDD controller cards and and two different hard drives.

i forced myself to use the 100 column ztree for severval months as a default ztree but it didnt work out well, because i usually open 2~4 ztrees, 80 colum ztree was more convienent.

so i would like to ask if the possible ordering of the time-left and the speed can be implimented in Alt-F10 as to which one goes first after the bar indicator. In 80 column ztree the speed one will be shown instead of time-left, and the 100 column ztree can show all as usual.

a copying speed indicator is very accurate and it can tell A LOT MORE as to what goes on between hard drives and the number of files themselves

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