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[Discuss] Missing commas in terabyte values   [Discuss]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jan 11,2017 at 18:47
In Response to: [Discuss] Missing commas in terabyte values (Ben Kent)

> I see three options here for the file window and the Alt-[K]ilo
> information
> 1. Maximum information
> Current behavior
> Pro:
> You see as much information as can be fitted in
> Con:
> You have to look for "missing" comma's and the multiplier to be able
> to compare numbers.

I'd be ok with that if it was more obvious the commas were missing. Eg the large numbers were a different colour so they stand out. That should be a very simple fix to do.

> 2. Consistent multiplier and comma's (per view)
> Pro:
> Easier to quickly scan to see the biggest files
> Con:
> Loose resolution for smaller files
> Note:
> Would need a new configuration item

Rather than (or as well as) a configuration item, it could be toggled by the user to suit the situation.

> 3. Option for a bar graph "file size" in the current view
> Would need a new configuration item
> Good for a quick visual overview, but will lose detail.

I don't think there are enough characters available for the bars to show anything meaningful where there are very large and very small files involved. How much would on character represent? It would probably be better to be able to toggle commas on and off.

> Also there is a little bit of overlap with my old Alt-Filedisplay ZEP
> http://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=58373 particularly the "o.
> Size" and "Squeezing algorithm" bits

You've been thinking about this since 2004. When will it finally affect enough people that it has to be fixed?

Some more solutions:
- Toggle commas on/off.
- Display blocks of three digits in alternating colours instead of using commas
- Command to alter width of sizes, similar to shift+left/right for altering filename width.

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