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[Discuss] shorten to Megabyte values (M suffix) if needed   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jan 12,2017 at 02:53
In Response to: [Discuss] Missing commas in terabyte values (Peter Shute)

>> 2. Consistent multiplier and comma's (per view)
>> Pro: Easier to quickly scan to see the biggest files
>> Con: Loose resolution for smaller files

> Rather than (or as well as) a configuration item, it could be toggled
> by the user to suit the situation.

Or it could toggle automatically by the largest value to display:

If the largest value would need to omit a comma, ZTree could automatically shorten all values by 3 lowest digits and display 'M' as suffix.

Only Con I see: Looses resolution for smaller files - but are they on focus in this case?

Shortening should be determined for each window separately, consistently in each window.
E.g. if the Alt-K values exceed 999,999,999k then values like 999,999M are displayed.

In this case, if the user would switch Alt-K from (branch) to (dir ) and the largest displayed value gets <= 999,999,999k
then ZTree automatically switches back to 'k' suffix.

Same for the File window, to be determined separately.

PRO: neither a Configuration option nor a Toggle command needs to be implemented.


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