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[Discuss] Different colour is okay with me   [Discuss]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Jan 12,2017 at 16:52
In Response to: [Discuss] Different colour is okay with me (Laurent Duchastel)

> That would be the easiest and most elegant solution IMHO.

Using coloring to solve the simple problem of insufficient column width
(a legacy from decades ago) will lead to another problem: when you tag
files, or choose Branch or other views, coloring changes accordingly.
What will happen to the colors of those n,nnn,nnn,nnn,nnn,nnn,nnn... values?

In any case, ZTree, currently, only colors the entire line, not individual cells,
so it's impossible to color just the sizes to stand out -- all cells will be

I have asked repeatedly for cell coloring -- the way it's done in Excel -- so
coloring extensions will be separate from coloring sizes, same with dates, etc.

The day coloring appeared in the form of ZCOLORS.INI, the first thing I did
was to color files above a certain size (and those of zero bytes), so they would
stand out:

; 2. The date format used is yyyy-mm-dd (see CO1K)
*.___:Bri Mag ; Calendar marker files ___*___.___ (top priority)
>TODAY:Bri Cyan on Red ; Future files (very special, unusual)
>s100000000:Bri Red ; Huge files 100,000,000 = 100MB
=s0:Bri Red ; Zero files

=TODAY:Bri Cyan ; Today only
=TODAY-1:Bri Yellow ; Yesterday only
>=2017-12-01:Bri White ; >=MONTH -- must edit monthly <===
>=2017-01-01:White ; >=YEAR -- must edit yearly
<2017-01-01:White ;
;*.COM *.EXE *.BAT *.BTM *.CMD *.VBS *.VBE *.JS *.JSE *.WSH *.WSF:Bri Cyan
;*.CSS *.VBS *.PL *.INI *.INF *.CFG *.1ST *.LOG *.TXT *.HTML *.HTM *.ZTM *.C *.H
*.CPP *.HPP *.MAK *.DEF:Bri Whi
;*.ACE *.BZ2 *.ZIP *.ARJ *.RAR *.LZH *.GZ *.TAR *.TGZ *.ZOO *.CAB ??_:Bri Green
;*.~* *.$* *.tmp *.bak:Bri Red on White

As you can see, I found coloring by file extension of a much lower utility,
hence I sacrificed (commented out) that for size and age coloring
-- which I find vastly more useful and important than a STATIC attribute,
such as extension.

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