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Commas should never disappear!   [Discuss]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Jan 13,2017 at 07:01
In Response to: Commas should never disappear! (Peter Shute)

> Simpler to use, but not simpler to program?

I don't know; but it's something that the C printf() should take care of,
without the need of crafting a special formatting function.

> I agree. I regularly have to examine phone bills looking for high data
> usage, and the mixture of KB and MB values is infuriating.

Agree. It's even worse in various forums where there is no trace of a
time stamp. You see things like '1d', or '2 years ago'. Great for tweets,
but sometimes you need the exact moment in time.

> Any idea when K's were introduced to Ztree?
No idea. Note that removing a comma and three digits at the end and appending
a 'K' is a bit ambiguous. Was the number divided by 1000, by 1024, or the three
digits simply ignored? None of these - to find out, use Alt+I to see what happens
with the number :-)

That's why I'd like to always see the actual value, regardless of the number
of digits and the space it takes, I have a huge screen real estate.

Indeed, those huge sizes will tend to stick out to the left, not requiring
coloring or other hacks.

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