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Alt-< and Alt-> could keep commas from disappearing   [Discuss]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jan 13,2017 at 15:32
In Response to: Alt-< and Alt-> could keep commas from disappearing (Doug Borg)

> In the same manner that the color="#003399">Alt-Up and color="#003399">Alt-Down keystrokes resize the SFW, use
> the currently available Alt-<
> (Alt-,) and color="#003399">Alt-> (Alt-.) keystrokes
> to move the left border of the Statistics Panel in the direction
> indicated by the second key of the combination.

I didn't know you could do that, I don't use SFW much. That key combination sounds logical.

What about a key combination for adjusting the size column of the file and directory windows? Shift+left/right adjust the width of the extension column, but control and alt+left/right seem to be allocated to other things.

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