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Excel formatting   [Discuss]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Jan 13,2017 at 18:22
In Response to: Excel formatting (Peter Shute)

> Do you have sizes and dates in separate fields? Do you know you can do
> Conditional Formatting in Excel? You can set the colour, etc, of each
> cell depending on its contents.

You misunderstood, yes, my wording is ambiguous.

I am not importing anything into Excel, I meant to say that I think of the
File Window in ZTree as rows and columns, because the filespec, size, attributes,
dates and time fields align so perfectly, as in a spreadsheet. That makes
the whole display very readable vertically. But coloring only works at the
line or row level.

Yes, Excel can color conditionally, and so does ZTree (via ZCOLORS.INI), but only
entire "rows", not "cells". With today's fast machines, coloring at a finer
level (the segments that make up the line) should not be a performance hit.
It does not involve any I/O, just repainting the screen.

The ZCOLORS.INI format does not have to change a bit. If you are happy with
today's coloring, just leave it as is.

However, the coloring rules would ALL be applied in sequence, coloring would
not stop after the first match, as it does today.

There would be a miximum of 5 or 6 rules per .INI file (for each part of the line).
Test would quickly reveal a performance impact, so the user decides what is
to be colored by having 0 or more rules in the .INI file.

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