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[Discuss] 21 years of Ztree this year   [Discuss]

By: Paul Laufer       
Date: Jan 18,2017 at 18:01
In Response to: [Discuss] 21 years of Ztree this year (Peter Shute)

Kim, you saved my career in 1996 with Ztree. I owe you a lifetime of gratitude. If you're ever in Central California you've got a place to hang your hat. :)

The oldest installer I have is v1.0, which is dated 8/23/1996.

Here is the contents of that archive.

J:\Backup\Old Hard Drives\GREP\20040423\SYS\INSTALL\ZTREE\Full Releases\ZTW100.ZIP
──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┤d W├
archiver .bb2 11,231 .a.. 8-23-1996 10:00:00 pm
bmp .bat 12 .a.. 8-23-1996 10:00:00 pm
history .doc 3,969 .a.. 8-23-1996 10:00:00 pm
order .frm 6,990 .a.. 8-23-1996 10:00:00 pm
zip .bat 33 .a.. 8-23-1996 10:00:00 pm
ztw .doc 7,949 .a.. 8-23-1996 10:00:00 pm
ztw .exe 244,736 .a.. 8-23-1996 10:00:00 pm
ztw .hlp 25,422 .a.. 8-23-1996 10:00:00 pm
ztw .ico 4,026 .a.. 8-23-1996 10:00:00 pm
ztw_cfg .exe 51,712 .a.. 8-23-1996 10:00:00 pm
ztw_reg .exe 24,576 .a.. 8-23-1996 10:00:00 pm

My records show that I sent Kim my first Ztree registration form on October 2nd 1996 via snail-mail, and my original ZTW.KEY is dated October 7th 1996. It appears that my first emails to Kim (khenkel@gate.net) in December of 1996 were about version 1.11.

Here's the contents of the HISTORY.DOC in the 1.0 release.


ZTreeWin Revision History

version 1.00
Fixed - Print file not forcing page feed at end of document
Fixed - Print Dir/tree/cat hanging
Fixed - Execute function needed to restore video mode on exit
Fixed - Bug in View searching from last build

version 1.00k
Added - Cycle through View tagged files for searched text with ' '
Added - '/' key to act as '?' for disk stats
Fixed - Prune showed Root contents if dir not deleted (for full-disk)
Fixed - Right-align tags in long filename display mode
Fixed - Esc not functioning under '95 when Caps-Lock on
Fixed - File viewer now opens files in shared mode

version 1.00j
Fixed - Arj commands now working from ARCHIVER.BB2
Fixed - GPF in clock thread if using 12hr time format

version 1.00i
Fixed - Program now starts in current directory
Fixed - Aborting '*' logging lead to a GPF
Fixed - About box displayed once at startup after registering (Alt_F1)
Fixed - Alt menu not resetting after Alt_F1

version 1.00h
Added - Included sample .BAT files for .ZIPs and .BMPs
Added - 12/24 hour time format option to ZTW_CFG
Fixed - GPF in SortDirectory() under NT
Fixed - problems with Device setting for Print functions
Fixed - problems with current path under NT
Fixed - Hard errors (disk A: not present) causing two error popups

version 1.00g
Added - yymmdd date format option to ZTW_CFG
Fixed - Move function, wasn't allowing replacement of existing file
Fixed - problem with registration key decoding
Fixed - cosmetic problem with open archive pathnames

version 1.00f
Added - Implemented registration processing and utility ZTW_REG.EXE
Fixes - to path searching logic - removed Program path from ZTW_CFG.EXE
Fixed - video mode problems when using Alt-F10 for configuration
Fixed - Viewer bug preventing the whole file from loading
Fixed - GPF when setting filespec with no matches in split-screen mode

version 1.00e
Fixed - CapsLock bug under Win95
Fixed - trap when ZTW.INI not present
Fixed - trap when Esc during re-logging current drive
Fixed - Rename directory (full-disk mode) caused resetting to root
Fixed - Alt-Copy/Move problems with maintaining fullpath
Fixed - Treespec function '\' now completes current path
Fixed - Cursor shape for insert-mode

version 1.00d
Added - support to copy/move as/rename to other name
Fixed - video-mode changing for both fullscreen and windowed
Fixed - Set requested video mode at startup (config or command line)
Fixed - Prevent screen being cleared after eXecute command
Fixed - Archive tagged files (ctrl-F5) now working

version 1.00c
Fixed - Alt-E and Alt-O to start seperate sessions
Fixed - (I hope) problems logging empty volumes
Fixed - keyboard routine was not catching shift-tab
Fixed - 'New date' file date function
Fixed - Open Archive (Alt-F5) was corrupting video attributes

version 1.00b
- Global/Ctrl-Global worked only when matches were on current drive
- Added Ctrl_C to emulate Ctrl_E in Open Archive functions
- Set video-mode to setting in configuration at startup
- Fixed GPF occuring in file-logging of very long filenames
- Video was not restored after calling external programs
- File times were not being converted to local timezone

version 1.00a
- Copy/Move functions did not create new directories
- Set Volume name implemented
- Default editor changed to EDIT.COM
- Command lines switches (eg. /XT) accept lowercase
- Esc during logging (after startup) caused a trap

version 0.90
- First Alpha release

** Special thanks to all the brave souls who volunteered to
put ZTW through its paces and help me weed out the baddest
of the bugs!

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