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[OT] motherboard replacement doesnt effect XP and how i use my pc. part 2   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Jan 26,2017 at 04:03


when i decided to switch to XP from win98
i bought 2 new and exactly the same motherboards and much later 1 bought another same kind but used one, i had the total of 3.

when some online game was introduced to me. I killed some monsters and they dropped items and picked them up and was selling them from in-game shop for in-game coins for 7 years, which means my pc had to be on for 7 years too. during this time, i lost 2 motherboards (1 new and 1 used)

i simply replaced the motherboard, my xp survived, i didnt had to reinstall the XP and all other softwares and their settings. this was the happiest moment... 2 times


i dont see the difference between win10 and XP in my definition of OS.
what microsoft killed was IE and DirectX

when i uninstalled the IE from win98 and XP, it took away the shortcut keys with it.
even though shortcut keys had nothing to do with IE.

firefox still runs in XP, and it is a semi OS independant software (only because of win98) i hate to lose win98's FAT 32 DOS.

microsoft killed the directX in XP and will kill it in your win10 later.
even though directx has nothing to do with OS, this is why people should support the openGL which is an OS independant video accelerator.


if ztree supports a different OS, i will follow that OS. you may let me know what OS might be a good candidate.


here is something about me
i am a physicist and do numerical analysis with the true basic complier with DOS 6.22.

about true basic maker
he was an alert einstein's math assistant
he was doing the numerical analysis in the manhatan project
he was the 1st one who developed the math complier before fortran (i am not totally sure of this one)

* true basic pro version and windows version are trash. slower and unstable, and have the bad editor(because the maker died).. meaning i am stuck with the DOS forever

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