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[Wish] When logging can Ztree auto skip on Access Denied Errors   [Wish]

By: Ian Parr       
Date: Jan 26,2017 at 22:50
In Response to: [Wish] When logging can Ztree auto skip on Access Denied Errors (Ian Parr)

Thanks Peter

I added it to the Shortcut and it works as described.

Assuming it only applied to Logging, that is perfect and I fail to see what risk it would entail, unlike file operations where ignoring an error could be a disaster.

If I wanted to find all the files and folders to which permission is denied, it would be easier to use a simple recursive script

It also appears to have dramatically sped up the logging time so that's a bonus but I will need to test that under it under under controlled conditions to confirm as
caching of the directory information can distort the results.

Thanks again


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