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[Wish] When logging, can Ztree auto-skip Access Denied Errors?   [Wish]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jan 27,2017 at 04:13
In Response to: [Wish] When logging can Ztree auto skip on Access Denied Errors (Ian Parr)

Hello Ian,
some thoughts:

> unlike file operations where ignoring an error could be a disaster

Perhaps you can save your logged /LQ session via Alt-Z, Alt-Z, y
and restart ZTree without /LQ  which reloads the tree (incl. unlogged dirs),
but now ZTree does not suppress errors when you do file operations.

> If I wanted to find all the files and folders to which permission is denied ...

For directories that are not logged, you could use the key combo Shift-PgUp/PgDn.
Do you know it?  In the Tree window it jumps to the next/prev unlogged dir.
The 'permission denied' should then be displayed in the SFW  (if CO-3P "Bypasses Small File Window" is =No).

But be aware of ZNOLOG.INI - the dirs/branches specified in it are excluded from logging via *.
To skip the ZNOLOG.INI influence, you may use Alt-Log [U]nlogged branches. See ZNOLOG.INI.


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