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must run old stuffs with the current CPU speed   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Jan 27,2017 at 18:15
In Response to: [OT] motherboard replacement doesnt effect XP and how i use my pc. part 2 (Peter Shute)

>Are you trying to work out how to run Windows XP on a new computer?
I can only say about my experience on this.

I have a junk modern DELL pc with the video card built on the motherboard that is not supposed to install XP. the built-in video card is ovbiously bad, i replaced it. And i installed the XP and XP ran very good in there, except i didnt bother to try sound drivers. so far all was an experiment, because i didn't want to use DELL. their saying about "XP doesnt run on a new PC " seems to be a lie.

I know the place that sells 10 year old used motherboard that runs XP and win10 (USB3, i5 max they said), i will try this soon. but still..
but i hate to reinstall softwares.


>you could try running it in a virtual machine.
I have a several thoughts on this

firstly, i am looking for a different OS, even if this is so, a multi booting capability of a motherboard might as well make me install the wretched win10 again.

>virtual machine.
I am not a computer science person but my experience on virtual machine says "NO"

my definition of virtual machine
* it runs old stuffs with the current CPU speed

my thoughts on DOSbox (the virtual machine that i only know)
* it runs old stuffs with the 386 or 486 CPU speed. DOSbox is not a virtual machine if it kills the CPU, but its video rendering is run with the current cpu speed. this means it is good for the games, but worthless for the number crunching. and it was worthless in year 2000.

my thoughts and impression on the early version of XP around year 2002 or 2003 or 2004
* it only partitioned 138GB max, while win98's FDISK could partition 500GB and also make the extended partition without the "active" in it.
but MS never fixed the Fdisk's screen corruption due to the indentation and lacking of digits.
* you have to pay 8~10 dollars for the xp drivers to the hardware makers or software makers.
* a half of softwares didnt run.

so it took me another 4 years to take a 2nd look at the XP. this time, XP satisfied my OS perimeters, but barely.

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