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must run old stuffs with the current CPU speed   [OT]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Feb 01,2017 at 20:43
In Response to: must run old stuffs with the current CPU speed (Peter Shute)

> > firstly, i am looking for a different OS, even if this is so, a
> multi
> > booting capability of a motherboard might as well make me install the
> > wretched win10 again.
> So you're not fussy about which OS you end up with, so long as it runs
> your "old stuff"? What is this old stuff?

From this:
"i am a physicist and do numerical analysis with the true basic complier with DOS 6.22.
* true basic pro version and windows version are trash. slower and unstable, and have the bad editor(because the maker died).. meaning i am stuck with the DOS forever"
... I gather the problem is how to continue running the DOS version of True Basic?

What happens when you try to run True Basic for DOS with, say, Windows 10?

I read that it uses a lot of CPU because it constantly polls, but that shouldn't actually stop it.

I know other physicists who like to continue using old tools. If it ain't broke ...

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