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Long Live Ztree!!!!   [Discuss]

By: Greg Akers       
Date: Feb 03,2017 at 20:42
In Response to: Long Live Ztree!!!! (Dan LeGate)

> Huge, Massive THANK YOU to Kim for enriching ALL our lives with this
> truly amazing product.
> I can't tell you how ecstatic I was when I first discovered Ztree.
> Xtree was really showing its limitations and I was seriously lamenting
> its demise. KIM rescued us all from despair when he created this amazing
> utility that has far exceeded the original in so many ways.
> I'm SO grateful to him and to this community for keeping it going!
> Let's keep it going 20 more years! ;-)

Hear! Hear! Hip-hip-Hooray for Kim and Ztree!!

I never could have survived managing the engineering documentation for one of the, if not the, top major refineries in America for as long as I did without ZTreeWin. And Kim's quick responses to our reasoned and rationed ZEPs have, of course, become legendary.

Alas, my retirement these last four years have lessened my file management needs significantly. But, I still couldn't handle the extensive collection of PCs at home, and kids' houses, without ZTreeWin.

Live long and prosper, Ztree and Kim!

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