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must run old stuffs with the current CPU speed   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Feb 06,2017 at 17:27
In Response to: must run old stuffs with the current CPU speed (Peter Shute)

>the problem is how to continue running the DOS version of True Basic?
This is no problem, every pc there was and and every pc there is now and every pc there will be always installs the DOS. the only problem is the sound card. DOS is stupid but it is a true OS in my book.

I have no problem runinng the DOS true basic compiler in any new pc's. But for the multi purpose DOS running pc which can support the sound for the DOS and XP, it took a very long time (over 10 years) to find the pen 3 CPU supporting motherboard with one ISA slot. i previously tried 3 other pen 3 supporting motherboards with one ISA slot that was supposed to run DOS and XP, they all failed badly because all motherboards came with the built-in sound card (turning it off possible in CMOS, but it was never turned off completely)

i dont think i need the multi-purpose DOS running pc anymore, i dont need sound for the DOS. DOSbox and scummvm are so good at running the DOS games under windows OS.

one thing about DOS though, about electrical engineers or some researchers.
they like to say how powerful and beautiful modern MATLAB is, it can do anything... on and on all day long.
i asked them then... how are you going to make the interface?
engineers said to me, you need the DOS and assembler language, because it is easier with DOS.
researchers said to me, you need the DOS and pascal, this is the only way i know, because pascal comes with the built in serial port control subroutine.

>I know other physicists who like to continue using old tools. If it ain't broke...
if i need to control some hardware someday, i will be needing the DOS supporting old motherboard with one or two ISA slots. so i will keep one multi purpose DOS supporting motherboard.

>What happens when you try to run True Basic for DOS with, say, Windows 10?
never tried. but i can run the windows version true basic, slower than running under DOS as True Basic company always said so, because CPU must run other peripheral things in windows. i can run the DOS version True basic in XP, it is not worth except for the demonstration purpose. even if it runs under win10 with a virtual BOX, it wont be worth like in XP.

>So you're not fussy about which OS you end up with, so long as it runs your "old stuff"?
maybe i am fussy in a different way. it doesnt have to run old stuffs like pc games. anything seems better than win10 in my eyes. i have 1 win10 pc and 1 win 8.1 pc. neither of them has any softwares installed. i just use win10 for the lectures in youtube, and used to use win 8.1 pc for an online game.

if ztree sale is slow in current windows OS situation, how slower will it be with the other OS situation.
i will ask about the OS that runs ztree in a virtual machine situation some other time.

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