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Long Live Ztree!!!!   [Discuss]

By: Leonard R. Miller     Locust Bayou, Arkansas  
Date: Feb 07,2017 at 12:10
In Response to: Long Live Ztree!!!! (Greg Akers)

> Alas, my retirement these last four years have lessened my file
> management needs significantly. But, I still couldn't handle the
> extensive collection of PCs at home, and kids' houses, without ZTreeWin.
> Live long and prosper, Ztree and Kim!

Amen to that, Greg.

I, too, have been retired -- some 10 years longer than you. Yup, still at the keyboard. I think I got my license key shortly after 1996.

I wish you the best Kim for your tireless efforts. And to rest of ya'll (yes, I'm from South Arkansas) for your help as well.


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