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F9 ztreemenu, console commands,zlist.zls can do.. i think   [Wish]

By: Ryan       
Date: Feb 08,2017 at 09:43
In Response to: [Wish] Combined path and filename for View, Filter and Search (Bob Epstein)

i think the path name is too long to show on the main window of any kinds of utilities, but there is a way to do this in ztree.

you can use 3 things. F9 ztreemenu, console commands like (if for do set type echo find ... etc) and zlist.zls

key commands are below



FOR /F "TOKENS=*" %%%V IN ('DIR ^"%FSPEC%^" /A-D /S /B') DO (
ECHO T="%%%~fV">>%ZLS%


this will look for a specified FSPEC... ( which is a piece of string from a file name), lets say "xyz" in every directory in c: then ztree will log only them, and then you use shift up and down to go to that directory directly and quickly.

in my opinion, ztree is not a simple file utility. ztree has an artificial intelligence. ztree can become as smart as a user.

i didnt invent this, many smart people here worked it out about 10 years ago.

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