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[Discuss] Odd behaviour with shift+Page Up/Down   [Discuss]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Feb 10,2017 at 04:37
In Response to: [Discuss] Odd behaviour with shift+Page Up/Down (Peter Shute)

> Shift+Page Up/Down is supposed to jump to the next/previous unlogged
> directory.
> I have a server that appears to have some disk corruption problems. The
> symptom is that if I try to log certain folders I get an error message
> "File/directory damaged and unreadable [1392]". I can select S to skip
> the error, and I assume it also skips the same error if it encounters it
> again.
> That leaves the drive logged, except those affected directories. But I
> can't jump to them with shift+Page Down. Nothing happens.
> If I move to the bottom of the tree manually, shift+Page Up jumps to
> unlogged directories, but not to the one that got the error. It only
> finds unlogged directories that can be logged but aren't (e.g.
> Recycler).
> So I have two problems:
> - shift+Page Up works, but shift+Page Down doesn't
> - Neither works on directories not logged because of an error
> The first problem exists on the server, but not on a workstation
> accessing the same drive. So perhaps a key mapping issue?
> On the workstation I see odd behaviour when the logging reaches the
> affected directory. When the error comes up, the whole Ztree window
> shrinks. That doesn't happen on the server.
> Any thoughts about any of these errors? I'm running the latest Ztree
> on both machines.

1. Server key mappings
I thought it might be the Remote Desktop keyboard mappings, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa383500(v=vs.85).aspx, but Shift-PgUp/Dn are not listed, I also did a quick test and could go up and down unlogged directories over a Remote Desktop connection to a workstation.
mstsc.exe can have problems with the state of the shift key taking a while to get to the other end, are you pressing and holding shift down, and then pressing PgDn as needed?
Are you using a different remote access program, which might be using those keys?
Also are the keyboard layouts the same at both ends?

2. Behaviour of Shift-PgDn/Up
This might be a bug, given the below

Directory window
select c:\System Volume Information
Return, to log, which will fail with an "Access Denied!" status
go up a few directories
then Shift-PgDn will goto c:\System Volume Information

so I would expect it to also visit unlogged because of error directories.

3. ZTree window on error
Might be caused by the way that ZTree is reporting the error.
From memory on errors it tries to grab focus.


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