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use ZNOLOG.INI -- plus... S S S S S S S   [Wish]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Feb 13,2017 at 15:38
In Response to: [Wish] When logging can Ztree auto skip on Access Denied Errors (Ian Parr)

> Hi
> When logging can Ztree skip on Access Denied Errors as it can do for
> file errors?

I always add the Access-Denied directories to ZNOLOG.INI.

Then, my method for avoiding the Access-Denied files -- such as when logging Drive C: -- is to simply tap the "S" key about 6 or 7 times, after the logging starts.. ZTW will cache the "S" commands, and every time an Access-Denied error is encountered, ZTW instantaneously inputs a single "S" (Skip) command for all files of that type -- and no delay occurs.

Note: - I wish ZTW had a command to immediately add any specific "Access-Denied directory" to ZNOLOG.INI -- when the following type of error occurs:

... Error: Access Denied [5] ... Press: Cancel or Retry or Skip

Currently, doing this requires dropping what you're doing and "shifting gears", making a list of such directories, and subsequently finding and editing the ZNOLOG.INI file to include those directories.


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