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[Discuss] Mobile Phone Directories   [Discuss]

By: Oliver Pretzel       
Date: Apr 07,2017 at 15:18
In Response to: [Discuss] Mobile Phone Directories (Steve Fields)

> Is there a way to get into my cellphone external Micro-SD card
> from ZTree?
> Bought a new phone with a much larger storage. Explorer keeps
> crashing.
> Explorer does not show the cellphone as a Drive. Just a device.
> Mapping maybe?

Android above version 2, and iPhone do not support the USB Mass Storage protocol, which allows phone to connect as a drive. It only shows the external SDCard. On some android phones the feature is still in the system, just not user visible. There are apps in Google's play store which make mass storage available for a small number of such phones provided they have been *rooted* (such system manipulations are impossible on unrooted phones).

There is also Windows program called MTPDrive that has been discussed several times on this forum (search for MTPDrive). It uses the standard 'device' protocol MTP (= Media Transfer Protocol) but shows the device as a drive. There is a limited free trial version which you can test on your phone. MTPDrive is likely to be the easiest option to implement and it will show both internal storage and external SDCard. However even the paid version has some limitations, eg direct editing of files on the phone does not work.


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