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[Discuss] Mobile Phone Directories   [Discuss]

By: Steve Fields   Homepage   no longer ALASKA  
Date: Apr 08,2017 at 15:28
In Response to: [Discuss] Mobile Phone Directories (Oliver Pretzel)

Thank you, Oliver!

I ended up putting the 32GB Micro-SD card into an Adapter in which my PC made into the "G" Drive.

I went ahead and dragged and dropped everything into my Phone's 128GB Micro-SD.

Thanks again! Great ideas you came up with!

> > Is there a way to get into my cellphone external Micro-SD card
> > from ZTree?
> >
> > Bought a new phone with a much larger storage. Explorer keeps
> > crashing.
> >
> > Explorer does not show the cellphone as a Drive. Just a device.
> >
> > Mapping maybe?
> Android above version 2, and iPhone do not support the USB Mass Storage
> protocol, which allows phone to connect as a drive. It only shows the
> external SDCard. On some android phones the feature is still in the
> system, just not user visible. There are apps in Google's play store
> which make mass storage available for a small number of such phones
> provided they have been *rooted* (such system manipulations are
> impossible on unrooted phones).
> There is also Windows program called MTPDrive that has been discussed
> several times on this forum (search for MTPDrive). It uses the standard
> 'device' protocol MTP (= Media Transfer Protocol) but shows the device
> as a drive. There is a limited free trial version which you can test on
> your phone. MTPDrive is likely to be the easiest option to implement and
> it will show both internal storage and external SDCard. However even the
> paid version has some limitations, eg direct editing of files on the
> phone does not work.
> Oliver

Rock On!

~ ~ ~ Steve Fields

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