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[Discuss] Mobile Phone Directories   [Discuss]

By: Steve Fields   Homepage   no longer ALASKA  
Date: Apr 10,2017 at 12:03
In Response to: [Discuss] Mobile Phone Directories (Slobodan Vujnovic)


Basically, Google Photos and Google Play Music (or iTunes) does the trick when Wi-Fi or Cellular Data is around.

Which was why I went from a cheap 32GB to a 128GB MicroSD card {$60 USD}.

I am an old man, and really don't think I'll ever fill up the 128 in my lifetime.

In case I do, they should have a 256GB MicroSD card out which I'll buy on Cyber Monday around 2025...

> >
> https://www.howtogeek.com/242937/how-to-...sd-card-in-android-for-extra-storage/
> The article clearly states that this is optional, so I'll stick to the
> SD as the external storage device option.
> My main phone has 32GB of storage (3GB RAM), and I have never run out
> of
> space, probably because I don't play games (other than the very tiny
> ones),
> or keep huge maps around, etc. I also have a couple of tablets for home
> use.
> Phone photos and videos get synced automatically, and, when I can, I
> take
> the time to mercilessly select only those worth keeping and delete the
> rest.
> If you don't care about your media quality too much, there are apps on
> the
> phone that allow cropping, rotating, annotating, making collages, that
> let you
> summarize your shooting sessions and reduce them to something worth
> keeping.
> If I don't do that at the source and postpone the cleaning up to when
> I'm
> on the desktop, it will never happen, and I'll just keep drowning
> under
> the media overload.

Rock On!

~ ~ ~ Steve Fields

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