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compulsory - how rejectable?   [Tip]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Apr 12,2017 at 10:08
In Response to: compulsory - how rejectable? (Hartmut Schneider)

> Thanks for the warning.
> Our laptop is old but has win10 - I'm not sure it will master such new
> stuff.

There is no significant change between this update and previous Win10. Nothing really new : 3d paint (who cares?), improvements to Edge browser (who cares?), new functionalities for hard-core gamers (who cares?), the rest are just fixes, patches and further new UI integration of old features.

> > unless you... flag your connection as a metered connection
> > though you can only do this for wifi connections
> sounds promising
> > but you can flag Ethernet connections in new version.
> Does this mean you can flag Ethernet connections only when you've
> already got
> the Creators' Update?

I can't answer this one, but you can delay for a short time if you have Home edition, and longer if you have pro.

I upgraded my two computers and they work just fine, as usual, nothing changed. WIN10CU is stable.

Beware while updating to NOT accept installation defaults, unless you want MS crappy Modern apps to be default again. That's my only warning.

Once installed, open admin console, launch cleanmgr, and check all boxes suggested to delete previous Windows installation and free 20Gb.

Laurent Duchastel

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