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2) could be done with ztreemenu, console commands, zlist.zls   [Wish]

By: Ryan       
Date: Apr 20,2017 at 04:57
In Response to: [Wish] a few Functional Display Enhancements (Bill Kingsbury)

> 2) - A new 'Duplicate Same-Size' file display command, to highlight
> 'adjacent', Same-sized files, listed in File View.

this could be done with the help of

- F9 ztreemenu
- console commands like (if for do echo type find...)
- ztlist.zls

file size detection variables
console command : FOR's %~zI
ztree command : %s

this will be ( N -1 ) x ( N-1 ) filename comparison DO ( DO ~ LOOP ) LOOP
this seems a massive cpu power requiring subroutine.

if the file size matches, put it in the zlist, then plot all when done.

but ( m x m )1/2 + ( n x n )2/3 + (k x k)3/4.... filenames will be duplicated,

ignore them, filtering these is difficult, maybe not important in most cases, just let zlist.zls plot them and filter them by itself.

i am not good at writing console commands, until someone begins maybe.

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