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Windows Insider updates   [Bug]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: May 22,2017 at 04:47
In Response to: [Bug] Ctrl-S not working (Michael Burgun)

> Hi,
> I've been using ZTree since the early OS/2 days and am a very
> satisfied user! I've just tripped over a problem since the latest
> Windows Insider update to build 16199. Ctrl-S to search tagged files no
> longer works. It's as if I've typed anything on the keyboard.
> Has anyone seen this problem before?

Ah, I've seen this as well, also with the latest Windows Insider update. I hadn't made the connection with the Windows update, and thought maybe some other software got in the way. I used [F4][S]earch as a workaround, which worked fine; I didn't have time to look into it any further. (In case you'd forgotten: [F4] toggles between the regular commands, [Ctrl] commands, and [Alt] commands. Very handy in cases where Ctrl or Alt combos don't seem to work, like here).

If it's caused by a Windows update, perhaps it's the console window itself which hijacks [Ctrl+S] — I can't imagine Windows itself would globally hijack the Ctrl+S key combo. I'll do some more tests tonight.
Do report this as feedback using the Insider feedback app; I'll do the same.

The previouw Windows Insider update broke the Settings app, the one before that broke my Delphi programming environment, and now this. So far, each bug has been fixed in the subsequent update, but I'm thinking about pulling out of the Fast Ring updates for now.
They do say you shouldn't use it on your production machines...


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