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Works fine here; temp workaround with macro   [Bug]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: May 23,2017 at 00:01
In Response to: Works fine here; temp workaround with macro (Laurent Duchastel)

Hi Laurent,

> Ctrl-S works fine here, both in console and ZTree on Windows 10 64x Pro
> French-Canadian keyboard.

Are you running Windows Insider Build 16199?

> Must be something else. Video driver hotkey hijacking, perhaps?

Not video driver hijacking; that would be a global hotkey. This problem only occurs in console windows.

> Meanwhile, as a temporary workaround, use a macro.
> 1. Create a text file named whateveryoulike.ztm in ZTree root
> folder.
> 2. Type the following and save.
> ,CTRL_S,
> To use it, tag your files, F12, whateveryoulike.ztm, Enter.

That would work too.


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