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Not Really   [Wish]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: May 26,2017 at 06:36
In Response to: 2) could be done with ztreemenu, console commands, zlist.zls (Ryan)

> 2) - A new 'Duplicate Same-Size' file display command, to highlight
> 'adjacent', Same-sized files, listed in File View.
> this could be done with the help of
> - F9 ztreemenu
> - console commands like (if for do echo type find...)
> - ztlist.zls

While it would not be very difficult to generate a list of same size filenames and sizes using console commands, that misses the whole point of operating within ZTree. ZTree is an integrated set of atomic commands executable in infinite combinations to accomplish an infinite variety of tasks. Bill's wish to identify and highlight same sized files (in context), is just one step in his file maintenance process for which (I am sure), he would want to use ZTree's other file maintenance commands (compare, view, move, rename, etc). Just having a separate list of same size files would not be very useful.

BTW, to generate a such a list with console commands in (N) [instead of (N^2)] operations: first generate a sorted filename list (using the DIR command), pipe the output to a file and then sequentially process the output file to extract same size filenames.

Namaste', Art

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