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[Discuss] Treespec stuff   [Discuss]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: May 31,2017 at 00:13

1. *******************

I just noticed that if I'm in the Treespec command (\) in non editing mode, and press control+V, it deletes the preceding section of the path displayed.

E.g. If it's displaying C:\sdfsdfsdf\asasasa\vbvbvb\ it will delete the final \, then it'll delete \vbvbvb, then it'll delete \asasasa, etc.

Is this intentional?

2. *******************

If I'm in the Treespec command in edit mode, I can press shift+home to highlight the whole path, then Delete it. If I'm in non edit mode, I can press Delete repeatedly to delete it all, but can't do shift+home. Is there a logical reason why?

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