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[Discuss] Treespec stuff   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: May 31,2017 at 06:45
In Response to: [Discuss] Treespec stuff (Peter Shute)

> 1. (non-edit mode)
> it will delete the final \, then it'll delete \vbvbvb, then it'll delete
> \asasasa, etc.

As you describe it, it looks as if it's replaced sequentially, step by step.
Is this the case for you?
Here the current path is replaced in one step by the new path on Ctrl-V.

> Is this intentional?

I think yes, as you are in non-edit mode.

> 2.
> If I'm in the Treespec command in edit mode, I can press shift+home to
> highlight the whole path, then Delete it. If I'm in non edit mode, I can
> press Delete repeatedly to delete it all, but can't do shift+home. Is
> there a logical reason why?

Shift+Home is a string editing action, which is intended in edit-mode only.

Whereas Pressing Delete is part of the navigation features of the non-edit mode.
See the description in ztw.hlp chapter 1.3.3 Treespec Navigation .
E.g. the last Backspace removes the whole drive letter combo ('C:\') in one step.


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