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By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Jun 05,2017 at 11:58
In Response to: [OT] i typed for about 1 hour long post, when i submiited, i lost it (Ryan)

> i wrote about who the best email provider was and why, now i lost the
> motivation to rewrite it.

As for your question, IMHO, Gmail is still the best around.

Let's compare.

Outlook.com has a clunky interface that keeps changing. One of my customers is 88 years old and has arthritis. She can't scroll easily with the mouse. Unfortunately, Outlook interface is full of ads and has a scroll-intensive view when fonts are enlarged (to accommodate for poor eyesight). As for the Outlook.com email server itself, I had my fair share of technical issues and incomprehensible errors in the past with it.

Yahoo is another clunky email service, with bad interface and, of course, more security leaks than anybody else in the industry. Another of my customers has a Yahoo account. He calls me regularly. He has been hijacked quite a few times. He also paid for the ad-free interface and extensive import features offered in the Premium package... to have ads nevertheless, non-working import features and very bad technical service! Spam filtering engine is one of the worst.

Of course, there is an email service within the Apple ecosystem which works great... in the Apple ecosystem!

Most email service from major internet providers (AT&T, Bell, etc.) are decent enough... but enslave you to be with these providers forever (when you change provider, you loose your email address).

There are hundreds of smaller independent email providers, but most are just side-service to web hosting... still enslaving you with the provider... and sometimes having technical issues... and sometimes being wrongly blacklisted.

In comparison, Gmail has a clean interface, lots and lots of extensions and integrations with other services, a large 15Gb box, a very good spam filter and is free. It works pretty well if you have an Android device. My 88 old lady switched to Gmail and since, no issue reported!

For 5$/month, you can also have email under your own domain name, which looks not only professional, but allow you to eventually move elsewhere if you are not happy with Gmail, without having to notify your contacts about a change in your email address.

I am not only strong adept of Gmail, but I am lucky enough to have free domain-based Gmail account with 100 licences, at a time Gmail was offering them for free.

Gmail all the way.

The only thing that I find superior to Gmail is Microsoft Exchange provided by my employer. It is only superior, however, because the integration with Outlook *desktop software* is perfect.

Also if you want domain-based email address for free, Zoho offers one and is a very decent email server too.)

Laurent Duchastel

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